Killeter: Sunday 18th September

Walk Time Registration Point

Challenging: ‘Walking off the Edge of the Map’
Carrickaholten- Golandun McHugh- Causeway (11k) 9am
Cost: £5 Community Hall

This walk is through wild countryside on the border between Tyrone and Donegal. Participants should be comfortable with hiking through a range of terrain mostly off-trail. The walk will explore the intricacies of heritage in a border or ‘termonn’ area and visit historic sites.

Moderate: Song of the Salmon- ancestral watercourses’
Kelly’s Bridge- Derg Lodge to Carry Mouth (8km) 10am Killeter
Cost: £5 Community Hall

This walk starts on the upper reaches of the River Derg and follows the spawning grounds of the Salmon, a mythic creature in our story-telling. Suitable for fit walkers comfortable with walking on and off track, the walk will finish at the head of the watercourse and include input from a natural heritage guide

Easy: Photographing Ritual Landscapes’
Leitrim Hill (4km
) 11am Killeter
Cost: £5 Community Hall

This walk is a looped walk for all ages, focussing on photographing landscapes. Led by a professional photographer, Leitrim Hill above Killeter Village provides both natural vistas and Neolithic archaeology to capture some great ritual landscape shots