Hidden away in the heart of Ulster lies the Sperrins, a dramatic environment millions of years in the making and with a thousand and one secrets awaiting to be discovered. This scenic heartland offers a complete taste of rural Ireland and features some of Ireland’s most stunning landscapes – the heather clad hills of the high Sperrins; a series of rich and fast flowing rivers which feed into and sustain the significantly bio diverse wetlands of Lough Foyle and Lough Neagh; the vastness of Glenelly and Owenkillew Valleys; and a patchwork of wonderfully sculpted fields and townlands scattered across the region.

Mysterious sentinels and ancient stones dot an enchanted landscape which today provides the perfect backdrop for a wide range of get away breaks and activities. Enjoy everything from challenging treks , extreme off road driving , and adrenaline pumping mountain biking  to  romantic retreats, family fun and slow adventure in the great outdoors- All packaged with a warm welcome, and wonderful places to eat and stay.



The Sperrins region is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) which is located in the west of Northern Ireland. The wider Sperrins area stretches from the Donegal border in the west, to Lough Neagh in the east and to the Atlantic shores in the north. The natural asset of the mountain range mixed with the unspoilt landscape of winding rivers, sun swept valleys and scenic lakes all translate into a region recognised as one of the most idyllic geographical areas of rural Ireland.